About me

My name is Ana Arizaga. I am diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetic by the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain).

Worked for 8 years as a dietitian for Casa Santiveri where I extend my knowledge on healthy foods and medicinal plants. Later, worked for Arkopharma laboratories where I worked as a dietitian and specialist in medicinal plants.

Four years ago my family and I decided to come to live in China, where we currently live. Day by day I am learning of its culture, language and their food habits, which has led me to be interest by a plant based diet, based in cereals, free of sugars, dairy and meat. Coinciding with this great change of heading in my life, I decided to resume my work as a dietitian.

In this new space I want to share with you information will make you be healthy and prevent diseases that are directly related with our eating way. At the same time, offer services of nutrition online where I can help you to get your target of weight, health and nutrition.

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