My method

1.- Initial evaluation


I will send you a form to provide information about your medical conditions, medications and lifestyle.


2.- Objective: What I want to achieve?

I will analyze what are the objectives to be achieved and the best way to get it with an action plan.


3.- Nutrition Strategy


Tailored to your needs. Taking into account your tastes, current lifestyle habits, schedules and social commitments.


4.- Methodology


Once this form has been submitted you will receive a personalised diet plan. This plan is made by me.

After 15 days, I will contact you sending a new form and value if changes are needed in your plan according to the results obtained.

After a month, I will value the progress and if you are interested you will have the possibility to renew another month.

While you’re following the personalised diet plan you can contact me by email or whatsapp/wechat to resolve any doubt you have.


5.- With natural foods


Consuming foods from each season.


6.- With my proffesional support


I will lead you to eat with awareness.


7.- Aimed to all those interested in:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve eating habits and for those interested to become vegetarian
  • Follow vegetarian diet, vegan or raw vegan balanced and without gaps
  • Cures and detox diet
  • Feeding during pregnancy/postpartum and breastfeeding
  • Kids nutrition
  • Sport nutrition
Note: The recommendations and recipes from Dietsana do not replace individual health care or medical information. If you have health problems you should always consult your doctor to make changes in your lifestyle.