8 Nutrition tips to enjoy healthy christmas

Christmas is around and we need to keep an eye on our health. In this article I propose to follow some tips to make you feel well in this holiday season.

1.Clean your body. Take everyday a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Will help to purify your body.

2. Do not ignore breakfast. Take one smoothie for breakfast, will guarantee the intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Also provides fiber, which helps to have a good intestinal transit and avoid the dreaded constipation, so typical of these days.

3. Moderate alcohol consumption and choose low graduation alcoholic drinks as cider, wine or champagne. Take care with high alcoholic graduation drinks, will contribute to increase calories amount and many times use to accompany with soft drink, which provides an extra of sugars.

4. In case of being invited to family or friend house try to cook a healthy dish like I am sharing in my web. For example, prepare Hummus, simple and easy to make or a dessert like Carrot energy bites or Blueberry Cashew cup cakes. They will appreciate and will have curiosity for try them.

5. Eat something light before the Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas meal. Take a soup of miso or a broth of vegetables before meals and try to have always a dish of vegetables, salad or cooked vegetables, to accompany the food.

6. Eat slowly and chew well. You will enjoy more, tasting better flavors and you will eat less. Try to leave at least 20 minutes befire you reach for a second helping to give your digestive system a chance to signal if it has had enough.

7. Be care with the desktop, is when we get the tray with all the desserts. An option would be to offer fruit like pineapple or applesauce with ginger as a dessert, it helps to improve digestion. Fennel, chamomile or anise tea can be soothing for the gut. To have less temptations, give priority to the conversation with your family and friends and share with them the best moments of the year.

8. Not all days are holidays, the rest of the week back to your healthy eating plan and make gentle exercise. After Christmas you can start again with light and clean meals or join my healthy nutrition programme.

Pasadas las fiestas siempre puedes empezar a cuidar de nuevo tus comidas más ligeras, depurativas o  unirte a mi programa de alimentacion saludable 😉

Happy Christmas!!!