Just in time with spring season for renewal

Just in time with the spring season for renewal, rebirth and removing all the toxins and stagnation that have been building up during winter time. And by the way, why not, say bye to all these extra kilos we accumulate during this time. We will prepare our body to get inside spring season in the best conditions.

It is a good idea to do a detox at least once a year. Are different detoxes out there (fastings, diets based only on juices, purges…), they last a few days and after all food is worth. This is a big error, because we have to take in consideration we need time to modify our internal environment and a detox plan help us to create good habits and the ideal will be to maintain forever.

What should avoid?

We will minimize the consumption of animal protein (meet, fish, eggs and dairy products).

Reduce salt consumption

Avoid the consumption of refined flours, bread, pizza, biscuits, cakes and pastries.

Avoid the consumption of processed foods or industrially manipulated.

Moderate the consumption of fats and give preference to healthy fats like cold pressed olive oil.

Finally, avoid the consumption of coffee, tobacco, alcohol, sugar and soft drinks.

Which foods should be consumed?

To start removing toxins, on feeding skills is advisable to eat a diet based on growing vegetables: grains, beans, seaweed, fruits, seeds and nuts.

Increase the consumption of green leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage, red cabbage, kale, leeks, celery…). Try toe at them every day. Consumir de 2 a 3 piezas de fruta al día.

Include sprouted food in your meals as well as radish and turnip.

Use lemon juice, soy sauce, apple or rice vinegar to season your meals.

Give preference to cook without oil like steaming, blanching ore eat raw vegetables or in a salad.

Don´t forget do exercise every day, because it´s benefits include that can improve the mood and will encourage our resting, another important aspect to follow in a detox plan.

I encourage you to follow this easy guideline to be full of energy on spring.

If you want to make you a personalized Detox plan, don´t hesitate to contact me.